Buyer Mission Program is being organized with the support of the Ministry of Economy during Florplant


Buyer Mission Program is being organized by the Central Anatolia Exporters Association Secretariat General within the coordination of Turkish Ministry of Economics during Florplant exhibition. Representatives from 11 countries will participate to the Buyer Mission Program that will be held during Florplant, Ornamental Plants and landscape Exhibition.

Turkish Ministry of Economy organizes Buyers' Mission Programs in order to increase Turkish exports via international promotional activities, diversify export products, find out new markets and protect market shares. Buyers' Mission program is organized for companies which are interested to purchase ornamental plants from abroad and consider purchasing from Turkey.

The Buyers' Mission Program is planned to be organized with the participation of company officers from Germany, Azerbaijan, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Great Britain, Iran, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Turkmenistan and Ukraine within the coordination of Ministry of Economy and organization of the General Secretariat of the Central Anatolian Exporter Unions on 26th-29th September 2011, parallel to Florplant Ornamental Plants Landscape Exhibitions.

The participants of the Buyers Mission Program will have the opportunity to meet with Turkish Producers, Exporters, Re-Exporters during Florplant Exhibition. The Bilateral Meetings between the Buyers' Mission and Turkish companies will be held one day before the Florplant Exhibition in a hotel room and during the first 2 days of the exhibition.

Purchasing managers that have the effect on buying decision are invited to apply to join the Buying mission program. The applications should be done to the Turkish Economy Attaches in the Turkish Embassies on the countries mentioned above.

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