Antalya International Airport

Situated 10 km east of Antalya city center, this large and modern airport hosts millions of local and foreign tourists visiting the south riviera of Turkey especially during summer months. It is the second large Turkish Airport with regard to total passenger traffic and the first in terms of international passenger traffic. Currently, there are flights to 286 destinations worldwide from Antalya Airport by 345 airline companies. According to data by World Airports Association published in 2008, it ranks 21st in Europe and 70th in terms of the number of passengers it provides service to.

It is possible to fly direct from Antalya Airport to the cities of Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Adana, Diyarbakir, Trabzon, Erzurum, Van and with connecting flights via Istanbul and Ankara to other cities.

Please visit the official website of Antalya Airport for further and updated information.


Some of the Destinations and Airlines at Antalya Airport;

Some of the airline companies which fly to Antalya Airport during October are as follows. Detailed information is available on airlines' own websites.

For more detailed information on domestic flights, please visit the companies own web site below.

· http://www.turkishairlines.com/tr-TR/services/destination_guides/route_map.aspx

· http://www.sunexpress.com/xq-tr/tr/rezervasyon/ucus-noktalarimiz.jsp

· http://www.onurair.com.tr/tarifeler.aspx

· http://www.atlasjet.com/AtlasjetWeb/timetable.kk

· http://www.sunexpress.com/xq-tr/fileadmin/_DAM_EDITOREN/PDF_Files/Ucus%20Plani.pdf

· http://wwwdownload.thy.com/download/timetable/2011_winter_general_en.pdf

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